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What is a USB hub?

A USB hub is like an extension lead for USB devices. It plugs into your computer and lets you connect more devices than your existing USB ports allow.
Some USB hubs are powered, others are unpowered. This short guide explains the difference, to help you understand which one you need.


The Difference between Powered and Unpowered USB Hubs

As the name suggests, the fundamental difference lies in how they draw power.
Powered, or active, USB hubs come with their own AC adapter and plug into the mains. Active USB hubs are usually powered through a wall outlet.

● Unpowered, Non-powered, or passive, USB hubs plug into a computers USB port and draw power from the computers USB port. Unpowered hubs have compatibility issues with devices that need more power to operate than the hub can provide. 
Regular USB hubs that generate power from your laptop are ideal for small devices such as:

● Mouse and keyboard set
● Flash drive
● Video game controller

However, if you want to use larger, more high-powered devices such as:
●  External hard drives, especially high-capacity portable HDDs that do not have their own power source
●  Scanners or printers
●  Blu-ray players/DVD burner or some DJ Equipment
You'll need a powered USB hub.


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