iOS Applications & Mobile Expertise

You have a great idea for an app. But ideas alone don't have value—you have to make them real and get them out there in the market. It's time to turn that great idea into something you can sell. We can help!

With extensive experience in both mobile applications and server-side services, we can help you create that next great app! And if you have a more ambitious idea, our experience with large-scale web application and server-infrastructure design can take your idea to the next level, supporting a large community of users.

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Software Design & Engineering

Large scale software architecture and design benefits most from experience—broad and extensive experience. Do you have a new project and you are having a hard time estimating the scope and cost? Are you unsure which of the dozen new technologies you heard about on Hacker News to use? Do you have a technical glitch or performance problem you need some “fresh eyes” to look at? Do you need some engineering firepower to push you over the finish line on that important project? Look no further!

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