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How to Choose Powered USB hub

As we all know, a powered USB hub draws power from its own power supply through a wall outlet. Check more details here:POWERED VS. UNPOWERED USB HUBS
Please always remember do not overload electronics, there is a formula you'd better know.
The formula for calculating wattage is:

Watts= Volts x Amps


For references, the connected USB devices below often rated as:

Mouse 100mA
Webcam >300mA
USB 2.0 Portable hard disk   max. 500mA
USB 3.0 portable hard disk   max. 900mA
Keyboard max. 500mA
USB Microphone 200mA
*The figures above are estimates only. Please check the ratings of your specific device before using it.
So when you choose a powered USB hub that meets your needs, the first thing is to check out the total power its power supply can provide by using the formula above.
Let's take the powered USB 3.0 hub RSH-A37S for example. 
It comes with a 12V/2A power supply.

You will have a total of 12V x 2A= 24W power for those devices connected.  
Since the USB hub will deliver optimized current to the connected USB devices accordingly, and thanks to the design of individual power switches for each port, you can choose which ports work simultaneously and which don't.
Of course, if you still confusing and want us to help you, you're always welcome to contact us and get tech support.


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